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MudBots founder describes 3D Concrete Printing

By Mudbots ● Apr 21, 2020 ● Duration: 00:02:28

In this video James describes the three features and benefits of concrete printing low cost high speed and esthetically beautiful possibilities!!! Video credit goes to Union Land Bank over at Youtube:

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    Introducing MudBots to the World

    3D Printing will change the Construction Industry forever! MudBots is the first American Company to Premiere its Concrete 3D Printing Technology at the World of Concrete Exhibit that took place in Las Vegas Conviention Center last January 2019.


    Understanding the Basics of Concrete Printing

    The number 1 question we get all the time: What is Concrete Printing? 3D Concrete Printing is similar to what 3D Printers can do, only we're using concrete as the medium. Find out and understand the basics as we enumerate what you need to do and prepare before you get into the actual printing process.

    Reduce your production costs by 70%
    with Concrete Printing

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