Cost Calculators

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Access Traditional Building Cost Calculator online. Powered by Mudbots.

Apples Comparison Test New

Complete the worksheet to have a better idea of where you will save in terms of Materials and Labor.

Access Bag Cost Calculator online. Powered by Mudbots.

Bag Cost

Use this worksheet to determine the Cubic Inch Cost of the ingredients that will be used in the specialty mix for printing.

Access Mix Formula Calculator online. Powered by Mudbots.

Mix Formula

This is a necessary first step to determine the material cost of any mix formula.

Access Project Cost Calculator online. Powered by Mudbots.

3D Printing Costs

Use this calculator to estimate costs to build using concrete printing over traditional construction methods.

What you can be assured is what you will find is that our printers will save you more than 70% when everything is compared to traditional building methods. The numbers seem impossible, but when you begin to understand the process and advantages, you discover that concrete printing is changing everything and deciding not to have one won't be an option. The savings of time and cost are real. Those who utilize our printers will have an unfair advantage over all competition and will devistate their respective markets. Come see for yourself.

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