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MudBots premiered the very first 3D Concrete Printer in America.

For the first time ever, contractors and industry professionals were able to see a 3D Concrete Printer in person at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas last January 2019.

Following nearly 2 years of R & D, MudBots is the first to exhibit anywhere in America. The idea of printing concrete is new to most but MudBots has taken a dream and turned it into reality.

With a 70% reduction in production time and construction cost savings as much as 70%, the idea was widely received. 3D Concrete Printers WILL change concrete forever. No more expense for traditional forming methods. With Concrete Printers, you simply position the printer over the item being printed and hit PRINT.

Mudbots at World of Concrete 2019 Exhibition 3

Mudbots at World of Concrete 2019 Exhibition 4

Mudbots at World of Concrete 2019 Exhibition 3

MudBots can print homes, garages, monuments, barbeques, waterfalls, retainers, boulders, or anything you can imagine. This new technology will allow contractors to produce faster at reduced costs to the consumer with even higher profit margins.

There are no more restrictions based on straight forms. Imagine printing spiral columns and posts, or the vast options of walls without straight lines or block. With a concrete printer, you can print an oval wall for the same cost as a traditional straight wall. Architects are already coming up with new design elements that were too costly to consider before.

If you can imagine it, Mudbots can print it.

The process is as easy as designing a 3D object in any 3D software, and then import the drawing to MudBots software. The image is sliced to the required height pass, and then printed in place.

Homes are currently being printed in South America. A hotel was built using Concrete Printers in Australia, and anyone that has seen anything online has probably already seen the 3D Printed Concrete Castle.

With printer starting at $284,000, the price is affordable for everyone. The ROI on a 15' x 15' printer is less than 2 months. Printers can be built in any size up to 100' x 100'. The most common use at present is for construction of low income housing projects, however, everyone is discovering new uses including decorative furniture. The possibilities are endless.

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