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If you're new to 3D Concrete Printers, you’re undoubtedly fascinated with the possibilities but with lots of apprehension. You will have hundreds of questions, which we have all heard before. What you can be assured of is everything we share is real.
"This cutting edge technology will change everything we know about traditional methods of construction."

3D Concrete Printing is the hottest new technology to come along in decades. The benefits allow for reduced production times by as much as 70% resulting in significant cost and time savings. This cutting-edge technology will change everything we know about traditional methods of construction. Those who recognize this will be able to capture the momentum and position their respective product offerings as the de-facto of the industry.

MudBots is a 3D concrete printing company eager to partner with all industry players from batch plant equipment builders, bag mix suppliers, to additive and chemical companies. MudBots is a proven print platform and the perfect equipment to develop the cement, concrete, and epoxy mixes of the future. Just as the home office printer revolutionized the inkjet cartridge industry, we aim to revolutionize the specialty mud industry.

MudBots is the first in the industry to offer a 6’ x 6’ x 5’ Cartesian 3D Printer to aid in the development of specialty concrete mixes. We are excited to offer you a turn-key system consisting of: a work envelope optimized cartesian printer powered by high quality IP65 direct drive NEMA 34 hybrid stepper motors. These motors run in tightly controlled servo loop and is controlled by custom FPGAs and administered by LinuxCNC running on a real-time operating system. These elements combine to form a system with low jerk, high payload, and a repeatability of > 0.1” .

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Simplify3D software is capable of generating complex tool paths using multiple extruding nozzles — all from a simple .STEP file! Simplify3D is a current industry leader in 3D printing software with full control over print parameters including print speed, slice height, width multiplication, infill generation and percentage, and multiple workpiece support. These features allow you optimize YOUR printer for YOUR mud mix to ensure that YOUR prints match YOUR models!

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