How to get approved by finance companies

No cash? Apply for Financing now and get approved* fast!

MudBots does not offer financing but has been approached by many finance and leasing companies that are anxious to quote this for you. We have had customers that have gone through some of the finance companies we have shared. These companies are aware of our product as well as our terms of purchase which may make the process easier.

If you choose to finance through one of these companies, you would expect to pay 15 to 20% of the contract amount on approved credit and the process can take one to two weeks depending on how quickly you can provide the financials and other required information. It’s worth noting that if this is your first time to shop for financing that you should search for “Financing best practices” and educate yourself as the questions you should ask up front.

If you are trying to finance as a business, you will likely be required to show 3 years tax returns, bank balance and personal guarantee unless the business is very strong financially.

That being said, we do not benefit in any way from any finance or leasing company we provide. We do not have a preference with who you go with and we only give the list of companies as a service. It should also be noted that you will probably be offered better rates and options by going through your existing bank/credit union as they know you, you have a history with the bank, and they are more aware of your financial position.

Before beginning the process, please be aware of the purchase terms of MudBots so as not to waste time with institutions that have policy that’s contrary to the terms in any way.

Here is a list of finance/leasing companies for your convenience:

Partners Capital Group

Direct: (949) 315-7967

Office: (949) 916-3900 | Fax: (949) 916-3901

Michael Schwerter

Senior Account Executive

Univest Capital, Inc.

Phone: (484) 913-1595

Jonathan Crowley

Business Development Manager

Company Financials Requirements :

Below is an initial list of needs a bank will require in order to review potential loan opportunities.

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