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MudBots didn't start first, but we did finish first.
As you attempt to get information from others, you will discover that finding a phone number or getting any kind of response is problematic at best. Being first to market MudBots has moved away from conceptual ideas to real-time input from customers all over the world. What looks good on paper doesn't always make sense in the real world.

The Right

A perfect example of this is the printer still under design by the Germans. There is no question that Germans are exceptional engineers, but though their printer will likely do what it was designed for when they finally get it to market, it is — in all practicality — the wrong machine for the job, and overlooks the primary advantage concrete printing is becoming famous for ( which is "time savings"  ). Take a look at the information HERE and you will quickly know what we mean. MudBots 3D Concrete Printers can be set up and printing in hours, rather than days, without the need of cranes, permits and inspections. Being able to complete jobs in just a third of time as conventional construction methods usually take is one of the strongest attributes of this new technology.

Epson Printer

Another significant advantage with MudBots printers is our transparency when it comes to printer mixes. Most others are not satisfied with merely selling you a machine, they want to lock down the printer ink as well. This is the Epson Printer Ideology. Sell customers a printer for $35.00 and then force them to buy proprietary ink at $50.00 a set every few weeks. When we started down this road, it was agreed early on that, although we understand why others are trying to do this, our customers would not like the idea of voided warranties for running their own mixes, especially since the primary ingredients in all Portland mixes is sand, cement and lime, which are readily available from hardware stores everywhere. Why would anyone be happy about shipping truckloads of specialty mix at accelerated prices when most of the materials are just down the street?

MudBots is working with specialty mix companies and additive companies from all over the world. It's just a matter of time before customers discover on their own the best mix formulas for their needs, and when they do, they will not want to pay for expensive pre-mix scenarios when the idea is to reduce costs and efficiency.


MudBots has tested, and continues to test, a myriad of different mixes from standard Portland scenarios to hempcrete, clay, polyethylene, polyurethane, geopolymer and geopolycrete. While most have never heard of some of these mix solutions, they are on their way to becoming industry standards in the not so distant future. MudBots has spent most of their time printing with nothing more than standard Type S Mortar mix. The strength of Type S is about 2500 to 3000 psi which is more than enough for print jobs, but when you begin adding other attributes like hardeners, synthetic fibers, polystyrene fillers, powder adhesives, plasticizers and dies, you can significantly change the mix's characteristics.

MudBots provides lab results for several most common mix formulas, which are included with the purchase of every machine, but the company has also partnered with a Vegas group that owns a series of mines from Mexico to Utah that will allow for the production of off-the-shelf (affordable) mixes that can be added to everyday mortar mixes. It doesn't make sense to ship truckloads of 90-lbs bags of especialty mix with the high cost of shipping when what all customers really need is the right combination of additives. Just add 5 lbs to every yard of sand, cement and lime at a fraction the time and cost.

Customer Service

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As time goes on, more and more companies will want to get into the 3D Concrete Printer Business. When this technology can reduce production costs by 70% and in a 3rd the time, builders everywhere will not have a choice but to accept the changing times and get on board. The demand will encourage others to get involved. But there is far more to consider when thinking who to buy from than a few online videos and a website.

This is a significant purchase for most, but as you're out knocking on doors, the one thing you should consider most is customer service. Start calling around and most report that there is no one to talk to. Phone numbers are hidden and emails go unanswered for weeks. You have to ask yourself, if no one will talk to you now when you have the money in hand, and want to buy, what it is going to be like when you need support with men on the clock.

MudBots is a subsidiary of USABotics. We automate factories all over the world and do business with companies like 3M, Tesla, LG and Honeywell. These are serious companies that demand a level of professionalism and transparency that most are not prepared for. MudBots' ideology comes from decades of experience from its parent company, and is one of the attributes of who we are that is valued THE MOST by all our customers. Price is one thing, but when you can't provide adequate support, your product's customers suffer. MudBots' customers are from all over the world and as such provides 24/7 support. MudBots also continues to build its franchise network that very shortly will provide local support with qualified dealers in every state in the country.


(See what I see)

Not only does MudBots provide 24/7 support, but our engineers insisted that the company provide FREE remote visioneering with every printer purchase. Remote visioneering allows for real-time, hands-free (see what I see) diagnostics. RVS allows for quicker solutions by allowing our engineers to see everything you see as though they were actually there. Implementing RVS eliminates costly delays and expensive travel that made remote service so cost-prohibitive in the past. Now, our engineers can lend support instantly in a way that was unheard of or possible years ago.


One of the most common statements we get from prospective customers is the affordability of our printers. Our startup printer is 20-30% less than the next reported price by any competition. We do sell machines that sell for more than a million, but rather than forcing customers to buy more than they need, we sell the right printer for the right job. In almost all cases, we are told that our printers are more than half the cost of any others. There are many reasons for this, but the two best reasons are, first, that there is just way too much "blue sky" in what others are offering, but besides that, we have simplified the process and done away with all the fluff.

The best example of this is seen in most of the videos online today. You will see print nozzles with fancy aluminum rings, digital lights and buttons that are nothing but nonsense. At the end of the day, take away all the misleading gadgets and you will find cement coming out of a 1 1/4 pipe. It's nothing but smoke and mirrors designed to make the process mysterious and to justify prices that are unnecessary.

USABotics has established a reputation for providing affordable automation solutions by identifying simple yet efficient solutions for challenging objectives. What you will find with MudBots is a straightforward concrete printer machine that was designed with the end-user and common trade practices in mind.

mudbots benefits real-time finishing while printing youtube thumbnail art with play button

Real Time

That being said, don't doubt where we're going from here and what's about to be unveiled, least of which is real-time finishing. While some like the layer by layer appeal of what's commonly seen, the next evolutionary step is a system for real-time finishing for a smooth finish without the need of trowels. We are speaking from experience when we say that anything you’ve seen online so far is never going to work. Automated trowel systems or roller systems may work for straight vertical prints and walls, but never for cantilever prints. The beauty of 3D Printing is the new flexibility of designs. No one is going to want straight boring walls, which means that what's being shown isn't anywhere close to what customers will want. MudBots knows this because we've been there and have done that a long time ago. After going down that road, we quickly realized that we were going in the wrong direction.

Today, we are finishing an RTF system that will change everything. We're unable to say more until patents are in place but rest assured, when it comes to Concrete Printing, we are pushing the envelope because our customers are driving the need. Their input and ideas have been invaluable as we consider where we need to be.

Residual Income

Last of all... We at MudBots know that to be successful in this marketplace, it's going to require lots of good people and support. We can’t be everywhere at the same time, and with hundreds of trade shows across the country each week, we recognize the need for professional representation. It's not only very valuable to the brand, but essential to the growth of the company.

Most of our customers contact us because they are excited about the income possibilities that our printers will offer them, but for this very reason, the greater opportunity is in securing the exclusive distribution rights for their state. By merely owning and using our printers, our customers will undoubtedly generate tremendous excitement as they begin printing unbelievable designs at a third the cost and a third the time. It would be impossible to keep such a tool a secret. As news of this innovation begins making its way to the public, demand will become unimaginable. Since our customers are creating the exposure and excitement, it's only right that they share in the success.

MudBots offers exclusive distribution to professional businesses that can prove their ability to support our products and generate the exposure by enlisting dealers throughout their state. Imagine having the exclusive rights to sell and profit off such a significant tool that everyone is soon to have. With earnings up to 30% of each sale, it's not hard to imagine the advantage. States are going out fast so tell us if you would like to know more.


As you knock on doors, know what to ask for. In this case, what you don't know can hurt you. We want our customers to make informed decisions so they can utilize a technology that will give them an unfair advantage over competition with a company that will be there all along the way.

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